Other Scholarship

For a complete listing of Professor Appleman’s work and publications, please see the curriculum vitae.

Selected Book Chapters

Appleman, D. (2019) “Talk Isn’t Cheap in Here: Discussion in Prison Classrooms,” in Raise Your Voices: Inquiry, Discussion, and Literacy Learning. Ed. McCann, T., Bouque, A., Forde, D., Kahn, E., Walter, C., Rowman & Littlefield.

Appleman, D. (2017) “Literary Theory in Secondary School,” in English Language Arts Research and Teaching: Revisiting and Extending Arthur Applebee’s Contributions. Ed. Durst, R., Marshall, J., Newall, G. Routledge.

Appleman, D. (2017) “Word by Word: Teaching Poetic Economy Behind Bars,” in Fostering Literacy Behind Bars: Successful Strategies and Services for Incarcerated Youth and Adults. Ed. Albright, K. Gavigan, K., Styslinger, M. Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.

Appleman, D., Caligiuri, E., Vang, J. (2014) “At the End of the Pipeline: Can the Liberal Arts Liberate the Incarcerated?” in From Education to Incarceration: Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline, Ed. Nocella II, A., Priya, P., and Stovall, D. Peter Lang.

Appleman, D. “Critical Literary Theory in a Literature Methods Class”, in Reclaiming English Language Arts Methods Courses: Critical Issues and Challenges for Teacher Educators in Top-Down Times. Ed. Webb, A. and Brass, J. Routledge. Sept. 2014.

Appleman, D. (2009) “First do No Harm”, in Breaking the Silence: Learning in Social and Cultural Worlds by Catherine Compton-Lilly, Teachers College Press.

Appleman, D. (2003) “Are You Makin’ Me Famous or Makin’ Me a Fool?: Responsibility and Respect in Cultural Representation in Teacher Research” in Greene, S. and Apt-Perkins, D., Eds., Talking Reading, Writing, and Race: Contributions of Literacy Research to Racial Understanding, Teachers College Press.

Selected Journal Articles

Appleman, D. “Response to Euclid at the Core: Recentering Literary Education” Style Volume 48, Number 1.

Appleman, D. “Teaching in the Dark: The Promise and Pedagogy of Creative Writing in Prison. English Journal Vol. 102 (4) March 2013.

Freedman Warshauer, S. and Appleman, D. “In It for the Long Haul”: How Teacher Education Can Contribute to Teacher Retention in High-Poverty, Urban Schools. Journal of Teacher Education, Vol. 60, Number 3 May/June 2009.

Freedman Warshauer, S. and Appleman, D. “What Else Would I Be Doing?”: Teacher Identity and Teacher Retention in Urban Schools. Teacher Education Quarterly. Summer 2008.

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